New Year’s Resolutions

6 Jan

I generally procrastinate… a lot.

For example, starting this blog has been maybe 6 months of contemplation, followed by one late night of signing up for this website name, finished by (after several days of lack of attention) finally publishing something.  Typically, I enjoy the pressure of tight deadlines and the feeling in my gut that tells me that I’m about to fail — right before I barely succeed.  It’s like a superhero waiting until the last possible moment to swoop down and save the damsel. Or something.

Anyway, I was pretty convinced that I wouldn’t set New Year’s Resolutions until at least February.  Historically, I put it off until I settle on the old standby of trying to get healthy and lose weight (as do 90% of Americans). 

This year, I surprisingly have a few new resolutions that aided in the creation of this blog.  They are, as follows:

  • Eat less processed foods — including no artificial sweeteners (farewell, Diet Coke in the staff fridge that I can see from my office! We shared many lovely 2pm crashes together…).
  • Travel extensively on the best trip of my life to date (See? I’m cheating here! Procrastinator and Lazybones… I am in the midst of honeymoon planning, so this is basically on my list so that I can feel good about accomplishing something, even if I do absolutely nothing else.).
  • End the year with no credit card debt (I don’t have any now, and post-wedding and honeymoon, I’d like to not have any).
  • Try to cook a new recipe once a week. And maybe take some nifty pictures to post on this blog.
  • Stick with WeightWatchers and drop some weight!
  • Try new things that take me out of my comfort zone, ideally once a month.


I’ve been told that I talk about food differently than most of my friends.  I think I’m sort of obsessed (which is probably why most of my goals in life are always somehow connected to food).  I hope that this blog can be a good way to think primarily about food — my love of it, my struggles with it, my cooking of it, my eating of it —  but also maybe about some other tidbits of life.  Like planning a cheap-o wedding and a glorious carb-loaded honeymoon in Italy and Paris.  And maybe this blog can be about becoming a fabulous vixen — because at the heart of it all, I think I picture a vixen as being able to do things effortlessly.  To me, this means that a vixen probably procrastinates.  And I’m extraordinarily fabulous when it comes to that particular skill.




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