13 Jan

savor (verb): to perceive by taste or smell, especially with relish; to give oneself to the enjoyement of

Me, circa Summer 2010, with the turkey burger that nearly ate me.

Tonight, I was cooking a few things, and I had to chop up red bell peppers (among many other things). 

(There is something so relaxing about dicing things and getting them precisely right.)

I get in a zone when I’m cutting fruits&veggies — I think part of it is relaxing, but part of it is definitely intense concentration because I have pretty awful kitchen knives and I’d like to keep all of my fingers. 

As I was chopping, I took a piece of the raw pepper. It was sweeter than I expected, and I remembered how I used to bring raw red peppers and goat cheese to lunch in high school every single day.  And I remembered why I loved the pairing of raw peppers — a light crunch, a beautiful texture that looks like pebbled leather, a lingering sweetness — with creamy dips and cheeses.  I remembered why I like to eat vegetables raw, as opposed to roasted, broiled, steamed, sauteed, and otherwise cooked (which are also delicious!). 

I’ve been trying to savor all of the food I’m eating.  I love food — I really do! — but some days, I’m rushing through lunch and neglecting to eat breakfast and scarfing my dinner at 10pm. Okay, who am I kidding?  That’s most days. 

And then, when I eat something decadent and highly caloric, I try to savor the flavors, unless I’m on a binge.  When I’m bingeing, I’m eating everything in sight with no thought about flavor.  And sometimes, when I am busy and eating a healthy lunch as I type away at the computer, I also am not savoring.  Whether I am bingeing or eating healthfully but robotically… same end result.

My goal is to consciously eat.  Whether I am eating a salad or a souffle, I need to slow down and really taste the food.  Revel in it. Delight in the flavors.   And I love fruits, I love vegetables, I love healthy food, just as much as those bad-for-you-yet-soooo-delicious foods.  The trick is to understand what I’m eating, really think about what I am eating, and then relish the flavors. 

I think that savoring my food is one of the keys to continual weight loss.  Not feeling deprived because I’ve fully appreciated and tasted my meal.  I want to remember tasting that red pepper today… and try not to hurry through my foods again, whether I’m splurging on something buttery and delightful, or eating some fruit at work.

Clementine carnage… my new mid-afternoon treat at the office. They didn’t stand a chance.


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