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Weight Loss Journey… Update

30 Apr

A few things. I haven’t been in it to win it. I’ve grown complacent. I am okay with my weight (hovering between 156-158). When I try clothes on, I’m a size 10-12. Some shirts I have to get in a medium because the large is too big.


But this isn’t where I want to be. But I’m tired of feeling disappointed in myself. I’m tired of next Monday being the day I start over. I’m freaking tired of starting over.

I’ve started exercising. I signed up to go to the gym and then I went. I did a hike with my sweetie yesterday that kicked my ass. But we ate out most of last week, and I binged after my hike. Burning 1400 calories doesn’t count when you’re eating way more calories than that.

And I know that exercise is only part of it. I need to plan my meals better, and I need to be more accountable. My wedding is in September, and I want to feel beautiful. I want to drop some weight by then. I’m tired of starting over. Today is the day.

And I need to blog more, to be more accountable and to track my progress.

New goals:
Track every day
Work out three times each week
Start couch to 5k program
Eat out 1-2 times a week only (except when work forces me to eat out more frequently)
Blog more

I can do it.
I need to remember how accomplished I feel when I reach goals. It looks a little like this (halfway point on yesterday’s height… Only had to hike downhill from here):


Please excuse the belly. Actually, don’t. It’s there because I haven’t been trying.

I’m going to try hard, one day at a time. Let’s do this.

(new weigh in day is Mondays to try to combat binge eating on weekends.
Gained 4.2 pounds this week…. Let’s lose it this week!)