Weekly Wrap Up

6 May

Well, some positives about this week.  I had some non-negotiable dinner plans for a few nights — Thursday, Friday — and I had some other commitments on Wednesday and Saturday.  I managed to stay on point!  Very exciting.  I also worked out:

Sunday – hiked up a mountain.  Was sore for two days afterwards… too sore to workout on Monday.

Tuesday – tried zumba at the gym and really liked it!  I worked out a lot harder than I did at the other zumba classes I used to go to.

Saturday – elliptical hills training for 30 minutes, high intensity.  Let me tell you, this worked up a SWEAT.  So tired afterwards.

Sunday (today! will count this towards next week’s fitness though) – did a zumba toning class for an hour.  Zumba toning is zumba with weights.  Our instructor was this woman in her late 60s… she killed it.  My arms felt like rubber bands afterwards.

I joined a challenge on WW online — On Point for May!  Very excited to check in and stay on track every day this month.  This is the type of jumpstart I need to get back on track.

Goals for next week:

  • cook more.  We ate out a lot last week due to laziness and not planning ahead enough
  • work out 3 -4 times
  • drink more water!!! felt dehydrated this week


about to work out… I hope to be able to see the difference in how my body looks in workout clothes in the next few months!


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