Birthday Happenings

17 May

Tomorrow I turn 24.  I cannot even handle it.  I mean, granted, I am basically the youngest person in my circle of friends (my fiance is 10 years older than me!), but still, I feel so old.  What’s pretty amazing is checking out my pre-weight loss pictures from my 23rd birthday celebrations, and comparing those to my 24th birthday celebrations now.  



23rd birthday party with my lovely aunt.


She takes me out for my birthday every year, and tonight we went to this amazing (fancy!) Indian restaurant in Baltimore (anyone familiar with the Ambassador Dining Room? so divine).  

Here we are today:


 Please excuse my awkward pose. 


The other night, I went to the mall in hopes of finding some fancy clothes.  I did buy a dress to wear to one of my best friend’s weddings.  I found this dress (for 50% off, no less!) at Cache, a store where I couldn’t find anything to fit me AT ALL a year ago.  



You know what? I don’t hate it!  


I think it’s easy to look ahead and see how much further we have to go.  New Years resolutions are a great example of that.  However, it’s equally important to look back and see how far we have come.  So yes, I have struggled the last few months, but overall I lost almost 20 lbs and kept it off in the course of less than one year.  I have started to incorporate exercise into my daily life.  I try to eat mostly whole foods and have eliminated artificial sweeteners.  I try to eat only what I want to eat, and I don’t let emotional eating control me… most days.  

I’m going to take a moment to be grateful today for a body that works.  Even a sore body (thanks, Couch to 5k training program!) is better than the unhealthy, dying body I had a year ago.  I am starting to feel better day by day.

As for the age thing?  Well, I guess I’d rather be a healthier 24 year old than a younger, unhealthy 23 year old.

To celebrate healthfully this year, I have been mindful of the points I’ve been consuming during the week, and I have tried to save up my anytime points for this weekend.  Tonight we had the Indian dinner, and tomorrow we will be going to Woodberry Kitchen (!!!) for my birthday dinner.  Next weekend my stepkids will be at their mom’s house, so we are going to do some intense hiking, instead of the usual food-focused birthday weekend plans.  I am looking forward to conquering some mountains!

It is my birthday hope/dream/wish that by my 25th birthday I can say that I’ve reached some fitness goals and I’ve continued to integrate healthy habits into my everyday life!


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