Hiking… How strange!

29 May

If you had told me a year ago that I would choose to go hiking as my birthday weekend getaway, I would have told you that you are crazy. Birthday getaways tend to be city and food oriented, more about luxury than health. A reason to celebrate.

Lately, our trips have been about health and exercise. How weirdly exciting! This month, we went to stay at Harper’s Ferry for the night, and decided to hike a new trail the next day. The trail is 4.7 miles (that doesn’t count the mile or so to get to our parked car!), pretty much vertically inclined, and super rocky. We were literally climbing over boulders. It was crazy.


The view was pretty though. It sure was hot! Over 90 degrees… And nearly fainting taught me a little something about needing to hydrate properly.


Part of the trail was the same trail we hiked a month ago on our day trip out that way. Even though it was much hotter this weekend, we were able to do this more difficult, longer trail with less stops and feeling better. It’s good to feel more fit and to see the results of the gym! And it’s good to feel grateful and appreciate of my body– a body that couldn’t even consider hiking or any sort of exercise as a gift a year ago.

I hope everyone else had a great memorial day weekend! I was glad of some moments to reflect on those who have served or are currently serving, especially my family members.


(here is a gratuitous picture of us from the weekend… Basically I’m trying to show off my hat!)


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