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New Joy

29 Aug

Sometimes, it is just all about the little things.

Recently I feel like I’ve just been breathing, trying to hold on until the honeymoon.

Going shopping for our honeymoon and feeling awesome for fitting into a middle size (instead of the largest size in the store or no size at all because everything is too small) is a great joy now. I’ve always loved to shop, but shoes used to be my favorite thing to buy because of my weight.


I picked up some sexy lingerie in a size medium. I tried on dresses in size mediums. My pants are size 8s.


Deep breath. Exhale. With all the stress recently, I’ve decided to stop stressing about the weight. Work, relationships, getting everything done in time… I just cannot be bothered about my weight right now. I guess just maintaining until after the honeymoon is the goal. Now onwards to the wedding!


Easiest Salad in all the Land

24 Aug

When I get lazy (all the time) I make this salad. It’s filling, different, delicious.

I’m talking one bowl, baby. One knife, one cutting board.

Customize as you see fit:

Greek yogurt (I use one container of Fage 2%)
Some red onion if desired
Cucumbers if desired
A little bit of fresh herbs (basil? Thyme? Possibilities are endless!)
A splash of white wine or balsamic vinegar
A little bit of olive oil
Kosher salt and pepper to taste


First, cut your veggies and toss them with salt and pepper and oil and vinegar in a bowl.

Then, dump your yogurt and mix it up.


Easiest salad ever. Never gets old. Big on flavor, little on effort… My kind of meal!

Carb Attack!

21 Aug

It all started out with one tortilla chip. Fresh, hot, homemade. I smelled it. It smelled like sin. It called to me seductively.

Chris convinced me to eat it (ha! Love blaming the future husband!). And thus on Friday, after two months carb-free, I ate some carbs. Repeat on Saturday… And then on Sunday.

Chris was all, “Babe, I think you need to either do carbs or do no carbs, but you cannot do this in moderation.”

Understatement of the year.


(me in some classy work attire, post-binge)

So, here I am, day two of no carbs… Again. Going to try to make it to the gym 3 times before Sunday… Again. We live to fail better, right?

The plus side? I get to eat healthy salads like this:


Who needs carbs anyway???

And here is the ultimate plan– either track religiously through weight watchers or no carbs, but nothing in between. When I start eating carbs again, I will start tracking once more.

No Sugar Added Frozen Yogurt

21 Aug

Yummmm. Nothing I like more than ice cream or frozen yogurt during the summer time. But how to make it healthier? Simple! Use frozen fruit!


1/2 container of no sugar added jam (the key is in the ingredients– it should be fruit and juice!)
Some frozen berries
Juice of 1/2 a lemon
Large container of Greek yogurt (my favorite is fage 2%)
Some vanilla for flavor — I use about a teaspoon
(Optional) some stevia

1. Mix your yogurt, vanilla, lemon, and stevia if using in a large bowl.
2. In a food processor, crush the frozen berries.
3. Add berries to the yogurt mixture and combine thoroughly.
4. Add it all to the ice cream maker and let it do it’s thanggg!



Whip it reallll goodddd.


And enjoy!!!! Here I used raspberry jam and frozen raspberries — but the possibilities are endless! Next I will try fig jam! Yum!

Wedding Countdown

15 Aug


I’ve been stalled.  In case you cannot tell, this is me losing basically nothing per week for the past month.  What’s been going wrong?  Well, I had my body being crazy for a while, but outside of that issue, I haven’t been working out much and I haven’t tracked in weeks.

Do I think I’m staying pretty much on point? Yes.  Do I think that I should be tracking? Absolutely.  Do I feel like I honestly cannot squeeze more gym time in at this point because my wedding is in less than a month and I’m going bat shit crazy? Yes.  (was this true always? no. now it is, though.)

I’ve been doing the no-carbs, no-white stuff, no-starch situation for a while, and so far so good. No cheating, although I still have cravings. I’ve been considering what to do with the fact that I haven’t lost that much in the past month… should I eat a carb? Should I not? It’s not good to have this indecision hanging over me.  For right now, I’m just continuing as is and hoping that some lightening bolt will strike me down from the sky and make me lose weight by virtue of the fact that I have not had a carb in TWO WHOLE MONTHS.  

So, what is my problem?  I am so goddamn comfortable at my curerent weight. So comfortable. I wake up every morning and put on clothes that I feel good about because I don’t feel fat. Everyone says I look good. I feel thin-ish. My fiance loves me at this size. I don’t know how to balance wedding stress and honeymoon stress and job stress and still continue to lose weight in a concentrated way.  For now, I guess I will just glide. Maybe some extra burst of energy will take over and I’ll become a tracking machine and a gym-enthusiast again — but maybe this is the weight I’m going to be when I marry the love of my life. And I guess that’s okay too.

Some random things:

We’ve had:
frozen yogurt. From the ice cream maker. (My darling man bought me one! So delish!). Sugar free!Image

I have a dress fitting tomorrow, and I’m excited to wear my new shoes:


I guess this is the final countdown for me.  Maybe I’ll be able to lose another pound or two before I get married, and maybe not. I’m going to try to do the best I can HEALTH-WISE for my body within the next few weeks, and I will let go of any expectations or results. 

One thing that’s been great about the no carbs thing? Besides losing 8 lbs in 2 months, I have also given up on food being a drug. I have nothing to comfort me. Ice cream does not solve my emotional problems anymore. And hey, that’s definitely a good thing for an emotional eater like me!