New Joy

29 Aug

Sometimes, it is just all about the little things.

Recently I feel like I’ve just been breathing, trying to hold on until the honeymoon.

Going shopping for our honeymoon and feeling awesome for fitting into a middle size (instead of the largest size in the store or no size at all because everything is too small) is a great joy now. I’ve always loved to shop, but shoes used to be my favorite thing to buy because of my weight.


I picked up some sexy lingerie in a size medium. I tried on dresses in size mediums. My pants are size 8s.


Deep breath. Exhale. With all the stress recently, I’ve decided to stop stressing about the weight. Work, relationships, getting everything done in time… I just cannot be bothered about my weight right now. I guess just maintaining until after the honeymoon is the goal. Now onwards to the wedding!


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