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Our Wedding

26 Sep

The last three weeks have been hands-down the best weeks of my life.

Chris and I eloped to New York City. We had a private ceremony in Central Park. Everything was magical that day — from my hair and makeup being done, to our bouquet arriving and being more beautiful than anything I could have asked for (including our florist attaching the crown from my grandmother’s veil to the bouquet), to Chris’s face as we saw eachother for the first time, to taking a cab to Central Park and giggling in the back like excited kids on Christmas morning, to Chris’s beautiful vows by the water, to everyone on the streets shouting their congratulations like all of New York was celebrating with us, to a wonderful dinner in Columbus Circle (which we found out as we were leaving is owned by Marc Murphy) overlooking the city with free appetizers and desserts, to flowers and chocolate cake left by our hotel in our room — seriously, a magical day. The best part was getting married to the love of my life.


And guess who wasn’t worried about my weight or feeling fat that day? This girl. I felt beautiful — if not a little bit constrained by my corset dress. And who totally owned that burger in a wedding dress? Oh yeah, I did — not feeling like a fat girl at all! Just a lady celebrating her romantic Central Park elopement with her man. With grease and cheese and fries 😉


Totally blissfully happy.


Just a few pictures — more to come! And we followed our elopement with a picnic with our loved ones and a wonderful two week foodgasm touring Italy and Paris… aka a honeymoon.

More to come with food porn and details about each place we visited — as well as thoughts on food cultures in other countries and ideas for fall meals!