Changing Your Mind

3 Dec

progress gbshaw

I took a yoga class at my gym on Saturday. Let’s be honest here: I’ve been going to my gym for months and I have stuck very firmly to the rare zumba class and the elliptical. I have fear of not knowing what to do and failing (I can admit that I have slight perfectionist tendencies.)

On Saturday, after writing my blog post, I realized that I should push myself and try something new. The last time I tried a yoga class was with a friend at a new yoga center. It was the hip place to go. People raved about this yoga center. Me? I felt totally judged (I probably wasn’t, but still!) by all the hot young thangs standing on their heads and I felt no serenity at the end of the class, instead feeling like I was going to pass out… and my car got towed. It was not a good experience. Although I had been to other yoga classes at different places and I had either hated them (bikram yoga) or mildly enjoyed them (hot vinyasa), it never spoke to me the way it spoke to other people.

I figured I just wasn’t a yoga person. And that’s okay. I could be a foodie-sometimes-elliptically-sometimes-hiking person.

But, I wrote about this journey on Saturday. And I put yoga pants on and went to a yoga class at the gym. Then something amazing happened — I absolutely loved it. I’m not sure if it was the instructor, or if it was the class, or what it was, but it absolutely spoke to me.

I was going to go to yoga again tonight but I had a bad allergic reaction to something and was on Benedryl instead… Hopefully I can make it before next weekend. But even if I can’t, this has sort of confirmed in my mind that I need to have an open mind on this journey — try new things, retry old things, and never stop searching for progress.

If I cannot make it to a yoga class before the weekend due to the schedule, maybe I’ll try a different class and push the boundaries even more.


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