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First Week and Lots of Meal Planning

8 Jan

As I said last post, I want to find new ingredients to cook with — trying to keep things healthy and fresh!

Through all of my dieting and all of my ups and downs in weight loss, I’ve learned one thing pretty well about myself. If my tastebuds are bored, I’m just not going to stick with it. Indian food or Mexican food or just my grandma’s pasta will tempt me with its deliciousness. I used to wish I could be one of those people who just shovels down food, knowing that it is merely fuel for the body. I’m not one of those people (which is fine! Everyone is different) — I adore good food, I love to cook it, eat it, and I’m pretty sure it’s my love language. If you are someone I love, chances are I’ve cooked for you at least once.

So, in some ways it’s been somewhat liberating to just flip through old Cooking Light magazines or food I’ve pinned and instead of thinking “oh, that has flour so I cannot eat that” or “ughhh, how many Weight Watchers points is that?,” I get to just see how many calories it is and decide to make it. So simple!

One new ingredient I cooked with tonight is wonton wrappers, as part of a deconstructed wonton soup recipe. It was a huge hit, even for a not-super-into-wontons lover like my husband. Recipe is forthcoming, as I have a few more tweaks to make it perfect.

When I’m doing this thing, I know I’m doing a good job because my meal planning is on point and I’m looking forward to cooking some bad ass tasty dishes.


This is from a few weeks ago, and my grocery store image isn’t great, but I love to really accomplish a great menu for the week (critical since Chris and I tend to eat leftovers for lunch), and I feel less stressed about dinner when I plan ahead.

Plus, the geeky foodie in me loves to spend Saturday night looking up yummy recipes for Sunday’s grocery trip.

My weigh in is on Wednesday, and I’ve done pretty well so far this week with my eating, with the exception of my grandma’s 80th birthday party (it’s progress not perfection), but even there, I didn’t eat til I was stuffed, which is a good thing.

I haven’t been feeling defeated recently, which is awesome. I know I’ve ate healthy, worked out and lost weight before, and I can feel it — I definitely will do it again. I’m planning on enjoying this journey, hopefully with more dinners like tonight’s delicious meal:


I might pretend I am on The Biggest Loser on Wednesday — intense weigh ins going on this season ohmygoshhh.


Getting Through the First Week

25 Jun

The first week of anything is hard. Everyone says it takes several weeks until something becomes a habit.

Until then, with my no sugar/flour/grain revamp, I will alternate between being famished one day and feeling totally content and in control the next.

I made it through my best friend’s wedding, an Italian dinner in DC serving only pasta dishes for entrees, various restaurants, and plenty of opportunities to quit or cheat, and I met them head on. I stuck to it, and I’ve started to lose. Little by little, hopefully this will work for me.


Hopefully I’ll see more results this week.

On to week 2 of no white stuff, tracking on weight watchers, and eating mindfully!

New Plans

18 Jun

So, last week I came to a decision. Yes, I’ve been losing weight, but recently it’s been slow and stalled. Losing 1/2 Ib is great, but not when I’m trying to fit in a wedding dress in less than 3 months. My goal is to make it to goal (140) in two and a half months… That’s about 12 Ibs. I think it’s doable. It will be hard, but worth it. I’m going to stick to weight watchers and I am going to keep tracking and going to the gym, but I will also cut out the white stuff for a few weeks to rev up my metabolism — no breads, pastas, flours, rice, potatoes, grains, sugars, desserts. I’ve done this before, and I know it isn’t sustainable long-term, but I think it will shake things up enough so that my metabolism can maybe lose at 1 lb a week again.

So, plenty of vegetables, proteins, dairy and exercise!

I also went wedding dress shopping on Saturday and found a dress — talk about motivation! The fact that I’m getting married soon is just now hitting me.

I got a new app to help keep me motivated on the elliptical — the elliptical app by Lolo… So good! Makes me sweat in no time!

And finally, a non-scale victory: I fit into a pair of size 8 capris at New York & Company. Now, granted their sizes are always a little big, but I will take what I can get!!!

I’m excited to be active and healthy this summer, and I cannot wait to see what this summer holds for me!


Getting my gym on!


And happily getting my O’s on! (look at that thin face! Almost there! 12 more lbs!)


One last picture 😉

Weight Loss Journey… Update

30 Apr

A few things. I haven’t been in it to win it. I’ve grown complacent. I am okay with my weight (hovering between 156-158). When I try clothes on, I’m a size 10-12. Some shirts I have to get in a medium because the large is too big.


But this isn’t where I want to be. But I’m tired of feeling disappointed in myself. I’m tired of next Monday being the day I start over. I’m freaking tired of starting over.

I’ve started exercising. I signed up to go to the gym and then I went. I did a hike with my sweetie yesterday that kicked my ass. But we ate out most of last week, and I binged after my hike. Burning 1400 calories doesn’t count when you’re eating way more calories than that.

And I know that exercise is only part of it. I need to plan my meals better, and I need to be more accountable. My wedding is in September, and I want to feel beautiful. I want to drop some weight by then. I’m tired of starting over. Today is the day.

And I need to blog more, to be more accountable and to track my progress.

New goals:
Track every day
Work out three times each week
Start couch to 5k program
Eat out 1-2 times a week only (except when work forces me to eat out more frequently)
Blog more

I can do it.
I need to remember how accomplished I feel when I reach goals. It looks a little like this (halfway point on yesterday’s height… Only had to hike downhill from here):


Please excuse the belly. Actually, don’t. It’s there because I haven’t been trying.

I’m going to try hard, one day at a time. Let’s do this.

(new weigh in day is Mondays to try to combat binge eating on weekends.
Gained 4.2 pounds this week…. Let’s lose it this week!)

Weight Watchers Update

24 Jan

For the first time since joining Weight Watchers, I used more points than my allotment for the week. What?!?

Sidebar A: Clearly, I didn’t accurately track during the holidays. I probably ate 10000 times more than my points allowed. For shame.

Sidebar B: Hey, I tracked through all those grazing periods… good for me!!!  (And trust me, this was not my first reaction… guilt and shame must have their day before any sort of re-framing happens.)

The way online Weight Watchers works is that you have a certain amount of points per day (based on age, weight, gender, health conditions, whatever else they use) and then you receive a certain amount of playing points per week.  I weigh-in on Wednesdays, so from Wednesday-Tuesday I am allotted 26 points per day and 49 “anytime points” per week.  This is brilliant.  I am allowed to indulge and go to Restaurant Week with my friends (www.baltimorerestaurantweek.com) and not feel guilty.  I am also allowed to have 1/2 cup of Turkey Hill Light Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream at least 3 nights a week… alright, it’s more like 5 nights.

So, the first week back on track? I go over. I blow it.  But I’m trying to focus on the positives, and even though I’m engaging in some negative behaviors right now, I am still overall in a better place than I was during the holidays.

My next weigh-in day is tomorrow.  I have 2 “anytime” points left this week, so I am in better shape than I was last Tuesday.  Ideally, I like to still have between 15-30 “anytime” points remaining at the end of the week, but ideally I’d also like to run for 5 minutes without wheezing up a lung… and some stuff just isn’t going to happen right away!

Eating with abandon sounds like a good idea… but it never is.

(found this on pinterest… it definitely speaks to me!)


To set myself up for success this week, I planned my meals better.  I tried to eat out with less frequency (damn this Chinese New Year and all the delectable Chinese food that we had this weekend!).  I tried to get more sleep (hah!).  We shall see tomorrow during my weigh-in how it all turns out.  Besides a slight (devouring) mishap with some wonton soup this weekend, I already feel healthier and more in-control over my eating habits.

My goals for this upcoming week:

  • Cook more at home and try to avoid the always-tempting carryout options.
  • Plan my meals better! I baked one casserole and made oatmeal in the slow cooker that should last us the whole week, but with how busy we have been, I should probably make some sides and another main course for some variety.
  • Work out.  I bought a one-month discounted gym pass for a fitness club down the street from me. They offer zumba classes and a bunch of other things.  I would like to either cash that bad boy in or walk outside if it is nice this week!

More recipes will be posted soon!