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Carb Attack!

21 Aug

It all started out with one tortilla chip. Fresh, hot, homemade. I smelled it. It smelled like sin. It called to me seductively.

Chris convinced me to eat it (ha! Love blaming the future husband!). And thus on Friday, after two months carb-free, I ate some carbs. Repeat on Saturday… And then on Sunday.

Chris was all, “Babe, I think you need to either do carbs or do no carbs, but you cannot do this in moderation.”

Understatement of the year.


(me in some classy work attire, post-binge)

So, here I am, day two of no carbs… Again. Going to try to make it to the gym 3 times before Sunday… Again. We live to fail better, right?

The plus side? I get to eat healthy salads like this:


Who needs carbs anyway???

And here is the ultimate plan– either track religiously through weight watchers or no carbs, but nothing in between. When I start eating carbs again, I will start tracking once more.


Working from Home

23 May

With my new job, I can work from home one day a week. I just started doing this, and it is basically my favorite day of the week. I wear pajamas and workout clothes all day. During lunch, I marinate meat for dinner and I go to the (basically empty) gym. I start cooking earlier, without having to sit through traffic. It’s basically the best initiative!


I made these delicious eggs yesterday for lunch. A half tablespoon of butter, a handful of heirloom cherry tomatoes and spinach, sautéed over low heat. Poured in the eggs scrambled with a bit of fresh Parmesan and a splash of milk… Cooked low and slow. Delicious! Sprinkled fresh thyme over the top.

I cannot make stuff like this during the other four days a week… Unfortunately.


In other news, I was able to join the gym I’ve been going to (thanks, Mom & Dad for the generous birthday gift!). I am also officially post-plateau, at my lowest weight to date on Weight Watchers. Still have 15 lbs until I reach goal, but I will be happy losing just 10 more before my wedding and honeymoon in September. So excited to finally break through to the other side!

Who says?

22 Mar

Who says that you cannot have a healthy, delicious dinner with minimal “hands-on” time?


Parmesan Chicken with Roasted Caesar Romaine, adapted from Bon Appetit’s recipe here

Garlicky, filling, and a cinch to make.  It was actually easier to make than finding parking and standing in line at Chipotle. 


Even though I was exhausted, I powered through to cook something delish for dinner.  Seriously happy that I did.  I’d like to remember this moment throughout the coming weeks — I’m finishing up a few projects at my current company and moving to a new corporation.  The first week is always rough, with lots of adjustment.  It can be hard for me to remember to eat well.  I hope memories of the relaxation I feel when I cook, and how minimal the effort really was, will help me while I make this job transition.