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No White Stuff Week III

7 Jul

No white stuff, week three.  How did it start out?  Well, at my weigh in last Saturday, after a trying, tempting few days (lots of cravings, lots of work-related stress with no food/ice cream outlet), I jumped on the scale and thought it was a fluke:

However, on my weigh in day on Wednesday (official weigh in day for Weight Watchers), I was down even more!  148!  148!!! 148!!!!  I couldn’t even believe my eyes.  I have no idea when I was in the 140s last — probably in the beginning of my relationship with Chris or even before then.  Do you know what this means??? Over 25 lbs lost since I started Weight Watchers about 11 months ago!  I’m so blessed!

This no white stuff has radically changed what I was eating, and I’m no longer feeling ravenous from eating whole things.  I’m not missing bread, I’m not missing pasta, and I’m feeling satisfied with eating weird things at night in lieu of our old frozen yogurt runs. 

Some things I’ve been eating recently:

  • olives
  • spaghetti squash (with pesto, with olive oil, basil and tomatoes, with brie melted in!, etc.)
  • lots and lots of gourmet cheese
  • cherries
  • watermelon

And here is a typical work week without the white stuff:

Monday 6/25:
breakfast: greek yogurt and strawberries, skim milk in my coffee
lunch: chicken tikka masala in the slow cooker (4 pts)
dinner:caprese salad, pollo in potacchio, fruit salad
snack: banana
Tuesday 6/36:
breakfast: 7 almonds, greek yogurt and raspberries, skim milk in my coffee
lunch: pollo in potacchio
dinner: pork tenderloin with peppers, spaghetti squash with pesto, roasted parmesan green beans
Wednesday 6/27:
Breakfast: pesto spaghetti squash, skim milk in my coffee
lunch: salad with refried beans, a bit of guac, carnitas, etc. from Chevy’s (work lunch)
dinner: pollo in potacchio
snack: banana
Thursday 6/28:
Breakfast: skim milk in my coffee, 1/2 tbsp butter, 1 cup uncooked spinach, 2 large eggs and a 1/2 tbsp of goat cheese (breakfast scramble)
lunch: pork tenderloin with red and yellow peppers, roasted parmesan green beans
dinner: parmesan buffalo burger, asian glazed chicken thigh, cheese
snack: cantaloupe and cherries
Friday 6/29:
breakfast: skim milk with coffee, raspberries, greek yogurt
lunch: asian glazed chicken thighs
dinner: 6 olives, parmesan buffalo burgers, pesto, plenty of arugala
I try to keep things interesting with my meals, and I always try to make things that I’m going to be excited to eat!
Which isn’t to say that there have not been trying moments this week.  As a kid, we lived in Columbus, Ohio, and there was a GREAT ice cream shop there (best in the world, in my humble opinion).  My mom found out that they have started to distribute ice cream and picked up a few pints, including my two favorite flavors.  So there we are, fourth of July BBQ at my parents house, and everyone is eating my favorite ice cream – -ice cream I haven’t had since I was 15.  I didn’t cave.  I stayed strong.  I am ready to keep losing this weight.
This week has been very trying at work, so no gym to speak of.  There is always room for improvement, and as I’m sitting here on a Saturday, taking a break from doing even MORE work, I realize I’ve been making excuses for the gym.  So, I will try to do at least THREE gym sessions this week.  Although work has been crazy — and I absolutely NEED to get my wedding invites in the mail — I still need to take at least a half hour three times a week and move my body.
A few more lbs and I will be at my Weight Watcher’s goal — and I will reassess from there.  I’m so ready to do this!