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First Week and Lots of Meal Planning

8 Jan

As I said last post, I want to find new ingredients to cook with — trying to keep things healthy and fresh!

Through all of my dieting and all of my ups and downs in weight loss, I’ve learned one thing pretty well about myself. If my tastebuds are bored, I’m just not going to stick with it. Indian food or Mexican food or just my grandma’s pasta will tempt me with its deliciousness. I used to wish I could be one of those people who just shovels down food, knowing that it is merely fuel for the body. I’m not one of those people (which is fine! Everyone is different) — I adore good food, I love to cook it, eat it, and I’m pretty sure it’s my love language. If you are someone I love, chances are I’ve cooked for you at least once.

So, in some ways it’s been somewhat liberating to just flip through old Cooking Light magazines or food I’ve pinned and instead of thinking “oh, that has flour so I cannot eat that” or “ughhh, how many Weight Watchers points is that?,” I get to just see how many calories it is and decide to make it. So simple!

One new ingredient I cooked with tonight is wonton wrappers, as part of a deconstructed wonton soup recipe. It was a huge hit, even for a not-super-into-wontons lover like my husband. Recipe is forthcoming, as I have a few more tweaks to make it perfect.

When I’m doing this thing, I know I’m doing a good job because my meal planning is on point and I’m looking forward to cooking some bad ass tasty dishes.


This is from a few weeks ago, and my grocery store image isn’t great, but I love to really accomplish a great menu for the week (critical since Chris and I tend to eat leftovers for lunch), and I feel less stressed about dinner when I plan ahead.

Plus, the geeky foodie in me loves to spend Saturday night looking up yummy recipes for Sunday’s grocery trip.

My weigh in is on Wednesday, and I’ve done pretty well so far this week with my eating, with the exception of my grandma’s 80th birthday party (it’s progress not perfection), but even there, I didn’t eat til I was stuffed, which is a good thing.

I haven’t been feeling defeated recently, which is awesome. I know I’ve ate healthy, worked out and lost weight before, and I can feel it — I definitely will do it again. I’m planning on enjoying this journey, hopefully with more dinners like tonight’s delicious meal:


I might pretend I am on The Biggest Loser on Wednesday — intense weigh ins going on this season ohmygoshhh.


Trying Something New

3 Jan

(from pinterest… how I feel about New Year’s Resolutions right now.)

So, I’ve done something rather radical. I quit.

Yep, I quit Weight Watchers, after being a card-carrying online member since August 2011. I’ve seen great success on Weight Watchers. I’ve also felt unmotivated, uninspired, and just generally, underwhelmed with it recently. And by recently, I suppose I mean since the summer when I started trying different things — no white stuff included. I don’t track as much as I should anymore, and I haven’t been finding their recipes to be that exciting.

I really loved Weight Watchers originally, and it helped me lose a lot of weight. And who knows, maybe I’ll go back one day? For now though, I’ve decided to go back to counting calories. I am working with My Fitness Pal — I got the app on my iphone, and so far, it’s okay. I don’t really like their recipe builder, so I might switch to another calorie counting app.

I feel sort of free at this point. And a little uncomfortable. I guess it will take me a while to get over “how many points is this worth?!??” mentality. Hopefully this will be a good jump start for me this year.

(In my honest opinion– there is nothing wrong with Weight Watchers! I really loved the program at first, I just wanted something new. I still highly recommend it to anyone who wants to lose weight.)

My husband and I are trying to save money… I had the thought that trying to cook more frequently, no matter how tired I am, might help us save some money. We spend a TON of money on both groceries and eating out. It’s insane. Today I made a stir fry with baby bok choy — first time cooking baby bok choy, and it was delicious! I’m excited to find new healthy ingredients to cook with:)

Some things on my radar:
*cooking with quinoa or other whole grains
*making more vegetables
*making my own cheese (possibly a ricotta?)

Carb Attack!

21 Aug

It all started out with one tortilla chip. Fresh, hot, homemade. I smelled it. It smelled like sin. It called to me seductively.

Chris convinced me to eat it (ha! Love blaming the future husband!). And thus on Friday, after two months carb-free, I ate some carbs. Repeat on Saturday… And then on Sunday.

Chris was all, “Babe, I think you need to either do carbs or do no carbs, but you cannot do this in moderation.”

Understatement of the year.


(me in some classy work attire, post-binge)

So, here I am, day two of no carbs… Again. Going to try to make it to the gym 3 times before Sunday… Again. We live to fail better, right?

The plus side? I get to eat healthy salads like this:


Who needs carbs anyway???

And here is the ultimate plan– either track religiously through weight watchers or no carbs, but nothing in between. When I start eating carbs again, I will start tracking once more.

No Sugar Added Frozen Yogurt

21 Aug

Yummmm. Nothing I like more than ice cream or frozen yogurt during the summer time. But how to make it healthier? Simple! Use frozen fruit!


1/2 container of no sugar added jam (the key is in the ingredients– it should be fruit and juice!)
Some frozen berries
Juice of 1/2 a lemon
Large container of Greek yogurt (my favorite is fage 2%)
Some vanilla for flavor — I use about a teaspoon
(Optional) some stevia

1. Mix your yogurt, vanilla, lemon, and stevia if using in a large bowl.
2. In a food processor, crush the frozen berries.
3. Add berries to the yogurt mixture and combine thoroughly.
4. Add it all to the ice cream maker and let it do it’s thanggg!



Whip it reallll goodddd.


And enjoy!!!! Here I used raspberry jam and frozen raspberries — but the possibilities are endless! Next I will try fig jam! Yum!

1.5 Months of No White Stuff

31 Jul

After 1.5 months of my strict diet (to recap: no flour, sugar, grain, starch), I have learned a few things.
A. I am clearly not a size 10 or a large anymore in most stores
B. Sometimes it’s about patience
C. I need some outside help sometimes

I guess this might be TMI for some people, but it’s a fact of my life so I wanted to share… Maybe it will help someone else.

I haven’t been going to the gym as much as I wanted to and my eating habits have been all off. I’m always full and I always feel bloated or queasy. I haven’t been losing as much weight as expected. The reason for all this? I have been having severe digestion problems, which has led me to not want to update. I’m doing the right things but I feel like I’m getting no where. (This is where patience comes into play.) This isn’t necessarily a new development — I think I’ve always had some stomach troubles but it was never continuous or pinpointed to one particular food (ie: not lactose intolerant).

Luckily, I talked to my aunt who is super into homeopathic remedies. She had a few suggestions, including an herbal tea to promote regularity (sorry again if this is oversharing). I’m starting to feel normal again, and even took a long hike on Saturday!


This is my drug mug for my tea, bwahaha.

Anyway, my dress fitting (because I’m getting married in a few weeks!) is Saturday and I think I’ve lost about 10 lbs since I started this whole no white stuff diet. Hopefully the dress will fit beautifully!

One thing I’ve been enjoying as I’m losing more weight is the few clothes I’ve managed to purpose in the right size and how I manage to put together outfits for my very corporate work environment.




(cropped black pants from Gap, top from NY&Company, black target wedge sandals and a blue junky necklace from an Eastern Market stall in DC)

Although it’s a corporate world, I still try to be young and fun with my clothes. I like how my butt looks in these pants and I think my arms and face look thinner than even how it looked in June! It’s good to fit into a size 8 again and feel like I look good.

Hopefully I’ll continue to feel better and will be able to get more gym time in this week! Starting to feel more normal — love that feeling!

No White Stuff Week III

7 Jul

No white stuff, week three.  How did it start out?  Well, at my weigh in last Saturday, after a trying, tempting few days (lots of cravings, lots of work-related stress with no food/ice cream outlet), I jumped on the scale and thought it was a fluke:

However, on my weigh in day on Wednesday (official weigh in day for Weight Watchers), I was down even more!  148!  148!!! 148!!!!  I couldn’t even believe my eyes.  I have no idea when I was in the 140s last — probably in the beginning of my relationship with Chris or even before then.  Do you know what this means??? Over 25 lbs lost since I started Weight Watchers about 11 months ago!  I’m so blessed!

This no white stuff has radically changed what I was eating, and I’m no longer feeling ravenous from eating whole things.  I’m not missing bread, I’m not missing pasta, and I’m feeling satisfied with eating weird things at night in lieu of our old frozen yogurt runs. 

Some things I’ve been eating recently:

  • olives
  • spaghetti squash (with pesto, with olive oil, basil and tomatoes, with brie melted in!, etc.)
  • lots and lots of gourmet cheese
  • cherries
  • watermelon

And here is a typical work week without the white stuff:

Monday 6/25:
breakfast: greek yogurt and strawberries, skim milk in my coffee
lunch: chicken tikka masala in the slow cooker (4 pts)
dinner:caprese salad, pollo in potacchio, fruit salad
snack: banana
Tuesday 6/36:
breakfast: 7 almonds, greek yogurt and raspberries, skim milk in my coffee
lunch: pollo in potacchio
dinner: pork tenderloin with peppers, spaghetti squash with pesto, roasted parmesan green beans
Wednesday 6/27:
Breakfast: pesto spaghetti squash, skim milk in my coffee
lunch: salad with refried beans, a bit of guac, carnitas, etc. from Chevy’s (work lunch)
dinner: pollo in potacchio
snack: banana
Thursday 6/28:
Breakfast: skim milk in my coffee, 1/2 tbsp butter, 1 cup uncooked spinach, 2 large eggs and a 1/2 tbsp of goat cheese (breakfast scramble)
lunch: pork tenderloin with red and yellow peppers, roasted parmesan green beans
dinner: parmesan buffalo burger, asian glazed chicken thigh, cheese
snack: cantaloupe and cherries
Friday 6/29:
breakfast: skim milk with coffee, raspberries, greek yogurt
lunch: asian glazed chicken thighs
dinner: 6 olives, parmesan buffalo burgers, pesto, plenty of arugala
I try to keep things interesting with my meals, and I always try to make things that I’m going to be excited to eat!
Which isn’t to say that there have not been trying moments this week.  As a kid, we lived in Columbus, Ohio, and there was a GREAT ice cream shop there (best in the world, in my humble opinion).  My mom found out that they have started to distribute ice cream and picked up a few pints, including my two favorite flavors.  So there we are, fourth of July BBQ at my parents house, and everyone is eating my favorite ice cream – -ice cream I haven’t had since I was 15.  I didn’t cave.  I stayed strong.  I am ready to keep losing this weight.
This week has been very trying at work, so no gym to speak of.  There is always room for improvement, and as I’m sitting here on a Saturday, taking a break from doing even MORE work, I realize I’ve been making excuses for the gym.  So, I will try to do at least THREE gym sessions this week.  Although work has been crazy — and I absolutely NEED to get my wedding invites in the mail — I still need to take at least a half hour three times a week and move my body.
A few more lbs and I will be at my Weight Watcher’s goal — and I will reassess from there.  I’m so ready to do this!

Doing the Best I Can, Every Day

26 Jun


What a tricky word.  I think a lot of people wait until they have the right “motivation” before they start to change their lives and their habits.  It’s been my experience that I get to a place where I am unhappy, in emotional pain, and I know I need to change.  Once I get to that place, my motivation for changing ebbs and flows.  Within the last 11 months on Weight Watchers, I’ve lost a lot and felt really great and happy, and I’ve plateaued and done basically nothing, feeling totally unmotivated and content with what I have accomplished. 

I guess what I’m saying is that for me, there is no magic amount of motivation that I need.  If I waited to be consistently motivated, nothing would ever change for me. 

What I try to do is ride whatever motivation I have, whenever I have it (case in point: the first few days of doing ANY sort of diet for me, I’m always super gung-ho!).  Then, when that motivation and enthusiasm starts to fade, I try to rely on a few things:

  • Remembering the end goal.
  • Remembering that habits form after several weeks of repeated activity, and striving to create new habits (ie: now abstaining from drinking/eating artificial sweeteners is a habit, and not something I ever struggle with).
  • Telling myself to just get through this ONE DAY of eating well/doing the right things. Breaking it up day by day and only focusing on today is super helpful for me.
  • Trying not to hold myself to too high of standards (this can be very difficult for me).  If my week is truly crazy and I can only get to the gym once or twice, then I let it go and I don’t beat myself up or use it as ammunition to de-motivate myself.
  • I also pray for God to help me be loving and kind to my body today and to act in good health.

For me, it’s not about doing the work when I’m motivated.  The real struggle comes with doing the work when I’m not motivated, and I’d rather eat ice cream and watch movies and go on dates to fancy dinners than cook one more vegetable in the kitchen.  I cannot wait for a magical motivation fairy to sprinkle me with pixie dust — I have to do what I need to, even when I don’t want to.  After all, isn’t that one of the greatest lessons you learn as an adult?  Sometimes you just have to suck it up and do it.

(That being said, tonight I will make it to the gym for the first time in over a week — motivation or not, you will see me there by 6pm.)